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In order to load Data into PND forces will need to make use of Listpoint (formerly known as CLMS). This section is aimed at those people who have not used Listpoint before and who wish to send data to PND. It aims to guide the user through the process in the minimum number of steps.

So, what is Listpoint?

Listpoint is a Code List Management System.

What then is a Code List? And why do we need a system to manage them?

Most application systems have "pull-down" lists which help the user to choose known good values. A simple example might be a gender field which offers the user a choice of values:

PND Help GenderCodeListExample.PNG

That list; Male, Female and Unknown is a Code List, sometimes also known as a "Constrained List".

Many applications store abbreviated codes internally to reduce storage space even though the full meaning is presented to the user.

For Example:

alt text

Different applications often use different Code Lists - even for the same thing! For example another system might have the values "F", "M" & "U" for gender instead of the full words.

PND Help GenderCodeListExample 3.1.PNG

This is exactly the problem that forces face when sending data to PND. Typically the systems owned by forces have their own bespoke code lists and this is where Listpoint comes in; Listpoint allows you manage these lists and map (or translate) the values in them between similar lists from different systems, including PND.

PND Help GenderCodeListExample 4.1.PNG

If you are already familiar with the concepts and terminology used within Listpoint then feel free to skip ahead to the next section. If not then read <this page> which descibes the Broad Concepts of Listpoint and gives an introduction to its terminology.

Listpoint for PND: Required Steps

There are a number of steps the forces need to follow in order to load the force constrained value lists in to the PND and also to create the mapping between the force values and the PND values.

The following 7 steps will act as an introduction to Listpoint, and guide a new user through setting up the required information in Listpoint.

Once you are familiar with the steps above there are two more areas that will be of interest:

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