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The following Feature Requests have been raised but are not yet scheduled for development in any Release. Prioritization of Feature Requests is undertaken by the Listpoint User Group. This group meets generally once every couple of months to review the outstanding Feature Requests and propose additional functionality. You are welcome to join the group if you have particular requirements that you feel would be of benefit to the wider Listpoint community.

  • FR #223 Composite EDTs - allow an EDT to point to several target Code Lists
  • FR #391 Show Planned Live Dates on Context history page
  • FR #490 Move an existing Team to a new Organization
  • FR #539 Qualify Context Names with the Organization that owns it
  • FR #550 Report invalid Administration Teams (ones without User Editor members) to Helpdesk
  • FR #659 Stewardship of Templates separate from Content (so the structure of a Code List can be managed separately from what it contains)
  • FR #725 Favourite Tracking - update a Team's Favourite Contexts when a newer version of a Favourite is published
  • FR #728 Ignore spaces in search expressions when searching for things
  • FR #730 Automatically add new Contexts to Favourite Context lists for their Owner and Steward Teams
  • FR #747 Reason for deprecation - when a Code List is deprecated record and display a reason for deprecation
  • FR #768 Prefix for Level 1 codes - permit all codes in a Code List to be prefixed with a fixed string if desired
  • FR #769 Auto-allocate for numeric codes - when editing a Code List with numeric codes provide function to generate next unused number
  • FR #775 Revise structure of all 'Permalinks' to reflect best practice (e.g. don't include '.aspx')
  • FR #785 Send out alerts to Owner and Steward Team members whenever a draft is altered not just when it is published
  • FR #792 Improve search speed - target should be to return in no more than 3 seconds
  • FR #793 Easier way to select Favourite Contexts - currently not obvious how to mark a Context as a Favourite so little used
  • FR #794 Themes - provide navigation options to find Code Lists based on the topic they address perhaps by detection of keywords
  • FR #798 Analyse Code List differences - it should be possible to characterize the way in which two Lists differ e.g. subset, superset, X/Y/Z% intersection
  • FR #799 Auto-detect Code List duplicates - identify other Code Lists that are identical or nearly identical to one just loaded.
  • FR #834/1236 Parent Code filter wildcard - extend Parent Code Filter to support patterns rather than just a fixed value
  • FR #847 Context Loader - provide a utility that can read a Listpoint Context and transform it for insertion into the db behind an arbitrary application
  • FR #878 Detect brute force password cracking - prevent someone from trying to break into multiple logins repeatedly in a limited time
  • FR #983 Provide optional image field for each CV Element - permit a CV Element to be illustrated with a picture
  • FR #988 Code List 'Who Uses it' tab should also show Context Maps that link to or from it.
  • FR #1025 Support Difference reports through Web Services layer
  • FR #1026 Display Context Maps that are still awaiting revision
  • FR #1027 Send out reminder email for Context Maps that are still awaiting revision
  • FR #1028 Show which Context Maps are out of date on My Account page
  • FR #1079 Alert message wording - improve the wording of alert emails
  • FR #1080 Show Code List using a 'Tree View' control
  • FR #1084 Context Map traffic lights - show green/amber/red status on Context / Context Maps tab
  • FR #1090 Logo management - organization logos are currently part of software build, should in db
  • FR #1104 Governance process - provide a URL to a page describing the governance process for each Admin Item
  • FR #1160 Reduce 'alert' spam - let user choose whether to receive alert emails or see them on website
  • FR #1207 Review unmapped source codes - provide facility for reviewer to see unmapped codes in a Code Map not just editor
  • FR #1211 Review source codes not mapped anywhere - let reviewer see Codes not mapped in any Code Map
  • FR #1251 Add Planned Live Date to Context alert email - useful to let people know how long before it is due to take effect
  • FR #1256 Update all out-of-date EDTs in Context - switch all to use latest versions of current Code Lists
  • FR #1257 Users awaiting approval reminder - end of day alert to all User Administrators who still have unapproved users to action
  • FR #1291 Facility to view and delete orphaned (detached) Code Maps in a Context Map
  • FR #1294 Order auto-generated mappings by Source Meaning
  • FR #1300 Remove redundant Owns or Stewards tabs on Team page where Team is Steward or Owner team respectively
  • FR #1301 Support spreadsheet download/upload using OpenOffice CALC file format as well as Excel
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