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Welcome to the wiki help page for MoJ Data Standards, as members of the CJS Data standards Forum will know the proposed web site rationalisation programme will involve the 'freezing' of CJSE Frontline Matters as a resource and all that will remain is a 'snapshot' of current data without the ability to upload any further data or amend any current data. The new Justice Practitioner website is some time away from 'go live' and so the Listpoint repository will become the best source of information concerning new and amended standard.

Registered users (as opposed to casual browsers) will receive an automated email notifying them of changes that have occurred in the MoJ code list space and with your help these pages can become a useful repository for code lists and associated issues

The following links contain reference to specific MoJ Topics

CJS Data Standards Forum

CJS Data Sharing Principles

Common Reference Data

CJSE Data Standards Catalogue

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