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You can register for a Listpoint account as follows:

  • From any page on the [Listpoint website] click on the Register menu option. The Register page is shown:
Reg1 LP.png
  • Enter your name and job title
  • You then need to choose the organization and team for which you work. If your organization or team is not listed just provide some details in the comments field and these can be created by an administrator
  • Press Next. You will go to the Register page step 2:
Reg2 LP.png
  • You then need to choose a username and password and provide an email address to which your email verification should be sent. This is also the address to which alerts about changes will be sent.
  • Press Next. You will go to the confirmation page:
Registration Confirm LP.png
  • At this point a verification email is sent to your email address to check that you have access to the email address that you specified:
Registration verify2 LP.png
  • You should follow the instructions (ie click the link)
  • An email is then sent to a User Administrator alerting them to your registration request. Provided your request is deemed to be genuine your account will be approved and you will receive an email confirming that your account is ready for use:
File:Reg4 LP.png
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