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Once you have registered for a Listpoint account the first thing you may wish to do is to create a Code List of your own.

Having created an empty Code List you can either use the browser-based editor to add codes or you can upload codes from a spreadsheet.

When your Code List is finished you can validate it to check for technical errors. Once validation is successful you can publish it.

If your Code List is used by a particular application for which you have some development or support responsibility you may wish to create a Context and add your new Code List and some others to the Context to build up the configuration of the application. This helps you to keep track of which Code Lists your application uses and can allow others to see which Code Lists you use, which is helpful if they need to build an interface with your application.

If you are responsible for a data standard you can also create a Context to express the collection of Code Lists that are part of that data standard.

Although Listpoint does not handle interfaces directly it does allow the Code Lists used by a source application to be mapped against the Code Lists used by another target application. The resulting Context Map comprises a collection of mappings that can be consumed by your own interface software to handle any necessary transformations.

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