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The development of Listpoint.co.uk beyond its present state depends on finding further investment funds from other partners.

The most promising candidate subsystem to develop next is the Event Management System. This would introduce a fourth type of Admin Item called Event.

The Event object would provide a common structure for defining logical 'events' occurring in the business world and typically exchanged as messages between applications.

Some applications capture events (through a user interface), some propogate events (by sending messages), some listen for events (by receiving messages) and some report events. Events can also exist either as 'standards' to be adopted or as real 'de facto' interfaces.

Listpoint would record which Contexts have an interest in each type of Event and record the structure of the Event data (e.g. an XML schema). It would also link into Listpoint to define the correct list of codes for each enumerated field.

It could provide a test harness to generate Events of a particular type for consumption by applications during development or testing or to receive events of a particular type and assess the validity or data quality of the message content against the known constraints.

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