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Release 6.1 aka Listpoint v1.1 (delivered 07/Aug/2012 on Beta) Listpoint 1.1 Release Notes

Release 6.0 aka Listpoint v1 (delivered 13/Dec/2011 on Public server) Listpoint 1.0 Release Notes

  • Rebranding as Listpoint. Performance, usability and bug fixes
  • Support for new government standard for object URIs and RDF

CLMS wins the Police Force Technology award at the [Emergency Services Awards 2011]

Release 5.4b (delivered 24/Mar/2011)

  • Fix for database performance problems

Concession contract signed with Liberata UK Ltd to operate CLMS on behalf of Police and NPIA (21/Mar/2011)

Split CLMS service (delivered 14/Oct/2010)

  • CLMS Service now split over two servers:
    • Secure [CJX] (for Police and CJX Users) and
    • [Public] for all other users

Release 5.4 (delivered 23/Jul/2010) Release 5.4 Release Notes

  • Copy functions, bug fixes and performance improvements

Move to new servers, Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008 (delivered 27/May/2010)

Release 5.3b (delivered 12/Feb/2010) Release 5.3b Release Notes

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Release 5.3 (delivered 23/Dec/2009) Release 5.3 Release Notes

  • Auto-mapping and performance improvements

Release 5.2c (delivered 17/Sep/2009) Release 5.2c Release Notes

  • Fix for bug #1224 affecting performance of Code List and Mapping editors when using IE6

Release 5.2b (delivered 09/Sep/2009) Release 5.2b Release Notes

  • Bug fixes and Meanings in Context Map downloads

Release 5.2 (delivered 07/Jul/2009) Release 5.2 Release Notes

  • Uploads and security enhancements

Release 5.1b (delivered 03/Apr/2009) Release 5.1b Notes

  • Bug fixes and filtering for browser editing functions

Transition to new hardware (delivered 06/Mar/2009)

Release 5.1 (delivered 03/Feb/2009) Release 5.1 Notes

  • Browser editing of Contexts and Context Maps, difference reports

Release 5.0 (delivered 28/Oct/08)

  • CV Set editing through the browser
  • First stage of new 'production' software architecture for improved performance

Release 5.1 (delivered 03/Feb/09) more

  • Second stage of new 'production' software architecture
  • Basic Context Map editing through the browser
  • Context Map download service
  • New format for Context download service
  • Downloadable difference reports for Context, CV Set, Context Map
  • Context and Context Map business rules

Transition to 'production' hardware 5.1a (completed 6/Mar/09)

Release 5.1b (delivered 03/Apr/09) more

  • Bugfixes
  • Filtering when editing Code Lists and Context Maps

Release 5.2 (delivered 07/July/09) more

  • Third stage of new 'production' software architecture
  • Security enhancements
    • Four-eyes approval (last person to edit cannot also publish)
    • User Editors can grant roles as well as Registrars
    • Tighter control on access to particular Code Lists (such as Offence Wordings)
    • User email address validation during registration
    • Enhanced audit log
    • Login under SSL (https)
  • Code List upload through web page
  • Context Map upload through web page
  • Context upload through web page
  • Check for similar or duplicate Code Lists
  • Check for out of date Context Maps
  • Printable Context page
  • The option for 'Free format' Codes of up to 255 chars
  • Edit Code List templates through the browser
  • Spreadsheet format for Code List difference reports

Release 5.2b (delivered 09/Sep/2009) more

  • Bug fixes
  • Addition of Meanings in Context Map downloads
  • Spreadsheet formats for Context and Context Map difference reports

Release 5.3 (delivered 23/Dec/2009) more

  • FR #1243 Automapping - automatically creating Mappings based on matching Codes and/or Meanings
  • FR #790 Improve grouping of search results - group by Code List/Context and allow drill-down to actual matches
  • FR #795 Mark obsolete codes when mapping - now any codes that are obsolete are shown with strikethrough
  • FR #868 Drop down text area to allow easier editing of long Meanings in Code List Editor
  • FR #1220 Code List filtering when creating an EDT - easier way to select the Code List you want
  • FR #1184 Are you sure? prompts when deleting Level, Context Map, Code Map, Link, User
  • FR #1231 Disable email alerts - allow emails to be switched off on training instances of CLMS
  • FR #1240 Alert User Administrators when a user has been approved
  • FR #1238 Access Editor role - new Role permitting Ownership and Stewardship of objects to be changed within your current set of Teams
  • FR #789 Enhanced searching - search within a Context (e.g. constrain search to PND v0.7)
  • FR #1248 Indication of Code Map completeness - statistics on how many codes have been mapped in each Code Map
  • FR #1262 New "Consumer Team members" Publication Policy - not quite as restrictive as Just Team Users

Release 5.3b (delivered 12/Feb/2010) more

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

Release 5.3c (delivered 27/May/2010)

  • No software changes
  • New hardware/software
    • Faster servers
    • More memory
    • Windows Server 2003 to 2008
    • SQL Server 2005 to 2008

Release 5.4 (delivered 23/Jul/2010) more

  • New Functionality
    • Enable encryption of website traffic
    • Copy buttons for Code Lists, Contexts and Context Maps
    • View unmapped codes in a Code Map and codes not mapped in any Code Map
    • Better handling of orphaned Code Maps
    • Allow Automapping to remap mappings to Null Code
    • New fuzzy matching algorithms for Automap
  • Bug fixes
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