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Welcome to Listpoint

Listpoint (formerly known as CLMS) is an online self service application that supports the collaborative development and maintenance of reference data, in the shape of code lists, shared between applications. Listpoint embraces both standard and non-standard code lists and through the use of mappings between similar code lists it instantly overcomes the challenges that a top-down standardization approach presents. In its simplest form Listpoint provides the means to validate existing code lists and present an improved quality of reference data at the start of and during the lifespan of the data.

To get started the service allows users to publish classifications, coded values, drop down lists (collectively known as code lists) and their meanings onto the database and set up business rules in order to validate the data. Here all lists, published as ‘Public’, can be reused by other users, or lists that are published as ‘Private’ can be maintained and accessed securely for specific projects or initiatives.

The National Policing Improvement Agency used Listpoint to address these challenges on behalf of the Police Service through the IMPACT Programme and the development of a Police Police Corporate Data Model and ultimately to help deliver a single view of criminal intelligence through the Police National Database project.

During development it became clear that the Police Service requirements were common to many other government departments and that there would be significant benefit in establishing one shared registry for the wider Criminal Justice community and potentially for UK government as a whole. Taking this one step further Listpoint is now available for all government, private and third sector organisations to collaborate, reuse and drive best practice in relation to code lists, ensuring projects become a reality sooner, more efficiently and at less cost.

Listpoint currently comprises:

  • a publically accessible code list publish, search and validation service
  • maintenance, data quality and publication tools for Code Lists and their usage contexts;
  • distributed management facilities allowing maintenance by suitably authorized registered users independently of any central administrative control point;
  • access to collaborative forums where proposed changes can be discussed with other interested parties;
  • targeted email alerts to registered users on publication of new versions of Code Lists and Contexts;
  • a suite of Web Services allowing applications to consume Code List content under program control.

Listpoint is an example of a Web 2.0

  • it is a web-based service rather than shrink-wrapped software;
  • provides customer self-service, key to support the 'long-tail' of applications from the large corporate right down to the very small;
  • it harnesses the collective intelligence of its customers;
  • it is backed by a unique collection of data.

Listpoint is a live system hosting Code Lists and Contexts (groups of code lists) for a number of application and data standards teams. If you feel your organization could benefit from using Listpoint to manage and/or share your Code Lists for data integration, Open Data initiatives or for industry-wide data standards aggregation please [get in touch] with us.

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